The other day I was procrastinating on StumbleUpon when I came across a nail blog about a different technique for nail painting called water marble nails. It looked super cute, so I decided to try to do them myself. It all went downhill from there. Here's what went wrong.

I followed the instructions given to me, which said to:

1. Fill a plastic cup with room temperature water.

2. Paint your nails a base color. I painted my nails with Essie's Prima Ballerina pink so that I would have a light color under my marble

3. Drop some nail polish into the water, alternating in order to form concentric circles. I used canyon coral, innocent, clambake, and jelly apple.

4. Give the colors a marble-look by running a pencil through the circles. This was my version of a toothpick because I couldn't be bothered to go out and buy them.

5. Wrap a finger in tape and dipped it into the water to paint your nail.

I should have pulled out a freshly water marbled nail.  Except my nail didn't look as good as the one in the picture. My nail polish was clumpy in parts and thin from the water in others. Instead of a pattern, I had more of a solid mix of all the colors that I had added.

At this point, my nail polish decided to sink to the bottom of the cup. I thought this was just part of the process, but I was wrong. The nail polish ate away at the plastic cup unbeknownst to me until it made a tiny hole. The result was a leakage of water and nail polish all over my school-issued desk. What a mess! Thank God for nail polish remover. Note to self: never mix plastic and nail polish.

This was what I thought would be the end of my attempts at water marble nails, but lately, I've been wanting to try again.  So I decided to post my problems on Lovelyish and see if you had any advice.

Have you ever done water marble nails? Where did I go wrong?

If you want to see if you can get it right, watch a tutorial video here.