I stand corrected. Despite my flamboyant doubt that The Office would bring It, It was brought. 

It's hard to argue that Season 8 much resembles the earlier episodes, but I don't look at it that way. Michael Scott isn't coming back, Jim and Pam are boringly happily hitched and we never much hear from the warehouse anymore. It's a different show. Instead of thinking of it as that show I fell in love with in high school, I just look at it as a funny show worth watching sometimes. 

James Spader menacingly swoops around the office as CEO Robert California, injecting some much-needed tension to an otherwise blah and tired group dynamic.

He divides the crew into two groups: Winners and Losers. Natch. While out with the Winners for an awkward celebratory lunch,

I'm happy to see Andy step up to the plate. He's no longer dripping with earnestness, he's got the balls to back up his sweetness with validity. It'll be fun to see if and how his newfound courage might serve in his and Erin's little flit.

Now let's see a little more Mindy Kaling in Episode 2!