I guess L'oreal did not learn from their previous mistakes (see Beyonce). The beauty company currently is under fire for allegedly lightening Freida Pinto's skin tone for her "Colors Eyeshadow" campaign.

In comparison to the photograph above, I can see a slight difference. I mean, there is the possibility that they just used super bright lights to clearly show off the colors of the eyeshadow Pinto is wearing. Regardless, I think what L'Oreal did, if it was intentional or unintentional, was not a smart move.

As a woman of similar skin tone as Pinto's, I have faced a lot of scrutiny for being "dark," and when I was younger, I thought about lightening my skin with those over the counter whitening creams, but never went that far. When I got older, I realized that any skin tone is beautiful, and now embrace the color that I am. Stuff like this just makes me shake my head. Why can't people just realize that there's more to being beautiful than being pearly white?

Lovelies, what are your thoughts about this? [via ohnotheydidnt]