All hail the weird rainbowy peacock! In just over 24 hours, the best night of the week in television returns and we can all breathe a bit easier while clad in sweats.

Who's excited? Well, me. And probably you, too. The madness kicks off at 8 p.m. ET tomorrow. Below I've broken down and rated by correlating stokedness (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being meh and 5 being !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) what's slated to go down in order of time.

8 p.m.: Community
This series has proved to me to be the biggest happy surprise in NBC's comedy line-up. It's got that fine wine quality about it--getting only sharper and more engaging than before. Season two's finale left us with Annie and Abed locking lips. Where's their relationship to go next? Also, when the hell is Chevy Chase going to graduate?

Stokedness: 5

8:30: Parks and Recreation
We're entering the fourth season of P & R following a wake of related Internet memes here. What relief that we get to see more Leslie and Ben sneaky relationship antics! Or, we hope to see more Leslie and Ben sneaky relationship antics! Also, I'm hoping for more bacon, Jerry originals and Leslie for mayor of Pawnee campaigns. Necessary side-note: Isn't Adam Scott the cutest? (Editor's note: YES!)

Stokedness: 4.5

9:00: The Office
My deep-rooted enthusiasm for this series has slowly begun dwindling over the past few seasons. And now Michael Scott's left the building for keeps. It's like watching a childhood friend get really into velour jumpsuits and start regularly using phrases like "adorzzz," but in real life. It's tough to watch. Can this show just turn its focus to beets? Because I'd unarguable be more stoked to watch that.

Stokedness: 1.5

9:30: Whitney (pictured at top)
All I knew about this show was the promotional stills I saw lining bus stations and other classy transport arenas. They featured a sexy brunette with charming, pro-feminist slogans arguing silent treatment as a legit punishment. They were a turn-off and judging by the show's trailer I just watched, the series itself won't be much more than a bummer cherry on top of the inevitable disappointment from The Office (and maybe an opportune time to make a beer run before 30 Rock).

Stokedness: 2

10:00: 30 Rock
After finishing Tina Fey's Bossypants, I cannot wait to worship her hilarity and wits even more with another 30 season. This show is so darty, I can't even remember where we are in the plot. But that's kind of the beauty of it, riiight?

Stokedness: 4.5

Oh em gee! And I'll be tweeting live from my neighbor's couch personal TV party! Follow now and follow hard at @Lovelyishblog, y'all. The tweeting and wonderment kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on NBC! See you there.

Oh, oh! What show are you most looking forward to?