I don't personally feel eager to have a stranger beat up what's beneath my bra--but if I had to, this would definitely be the lady to do it. I mean, did you see that awesome eye makeup and her head wrap?

Bangkok beautician Khemmikka Na Songkhla runs a clinic specializing in non-invasive breast augmentation. That's a boob job sans slicing. But here's the real kicker: Songkhla doesn't stop the slapping at breasts. She offers services to bodaciously firm up faces and butts by a similar womping technique.

And it's government tested! A client's claim that the slapping caused cancer led to a the Thai government funding a study around the old family practice of boob-slapping. It found that Songkhla's swatting definitely didn't spark cancer but definitely boosted test subjects' rack by a cup size.

Sound like a future career to you? Cool, because she offers classes in the art of thwacking various body parts for starting at a skimpy 5 million Baht (roughly $164,150 US Dollars). High five! Just... don't miss.

Would you consider undergoing some boob slapping before going under the knife? What do you think about this? [via Daily What]