One of the great things about being a woman is the inherent urge to congregate with our fellow sex. And a classic setting for these organic gatherings is while dolling up in front of the ladies' room mirror. However, girls attending a co-ed school in northern Britain will have to wait until after school to indulge in public primping. Shelley College called for a temporary ban on mirrors in the womens' restrooms and a permanent ban on makeup.

Girls were wasting too many would-be study hours loitering by the bathroom mirror and adorning their faces slash heads, head teacher John McNally told the Today show. Shelley already had a "discreet"-only makeup policy in place, and the cat-eyed students' protest backfired. Now the school requires teachers to conduct a daily cosmetic check on the female students between 13 and 17 years old.

Ah, yes. I remember when my parents' embargo on Dawson's Creek in the house diminished my intense interest in James Van Der Beek. ...Totally.

How do you think the makeup ban will affect the students' vanity, if at all? [via TIME]