In high school, like everyone, I dressed pretty freakin' weird. I distinctly remember wearing a silky, lingerie-type slip dress to class (they were kind of the rage then, but still), and I went through a surfer-wannabe phase where I swathed myself in Roxy and puka shells even though I had never been on a surfboard in my life.

Since high school and then college, my fashion style has ebbed and flowed, but I think overall, I've developed a more mature approach to shopping and to my wardrobe. Here are some ways my style has changed:

1. I wear way less patterns and prints. In high school and college, I was a rabid fan of shirts with crazy designs: stars, big flowers, pictures of horses, graphic tees with messages. Now, save for leopard print (which I have still maintain strong criteria for; so much of it is trashy!), I mostly buy solid colored pieces that I can mix and match.

2. I usually buy a size up. Luckily, I've managed to maintain the weight I was in senior year of high school throughout my entire twenties (save for a "grad school 15" -- yikes), but while I haven't put on pounds, I'm much less eager to shove my booty into white spandex hip huggers than I was at 17. I can fit into most small tops, but I've been buying mediums because I can't stand the feeling of too-tight sleeves pinching into my shoulders. I'm also trying to dress more maturely, and let's face it: skin-tight knit skirts that smother my cellulite don't exactly scream, "I'm a professional!"

3. I splurge more on investment pieces, but buy less cheap stuff. I was eyeing this silk blouse at Banana Republic last week, but I balked at the price: it was $80, more than I usually spend on a top. However, the style was so classic, and the fabric was gorgeous; I'd seen imitations of this shirt everywhere that were made with yucky, suffocating polyester. I ended up buying it, because it's a classic piece I can wear for years, and it just looks nicer than any cheap copy I could score at Forever21.

4. I'm wearing heels more! After years and years of eschewing any shoe with more than a kitten heel for flats, I'm finally embracing heels again. I figure I'll have years ahead of me to schlep around in comfort shoes when I have a family; why not have some fun with stilettos now?

5. I pay less attention to trends and more attention to what flatters my body. I admit that I haven't totally kicked the habit of ducking into H&M and scoring a cheap dress that's super on trend, but in general, I find I'm gravitating more towards classic styles as I get older. When I go into stores like Express, I just feel kind of "meh" about all the hyper-trendy looks; these days I'm more likely to find myself digging the racks at Ann Taylor and Zara (oh my God, maybe I just got more boring!). But seriously, I'm more interested now in curating my wardrobe with an eye for timelessness.

How do you feel your style has evolved in your twenties?