In case you passed on JCPenney's charming "I'm Too Pretty to Do Homework" t-shirt, Forever 21 just launched another hairbrained anti-math shirt. This one's emblazoned with the very self-respecting declaration "Allergic to Algebra."

Someone on Reddit spotted the shirt in a Forever 21 store, where a wily shopper had protested with a Post-It, reading, "Smart girls are cool -- don't buy this top." Win!

This isn't the first instance of F21 touting this message; they previously released an "I'm Too Pretty to Do Math" magnet, which they had to pull after complaints.

Okay, society, I think we've all had enough of the stereotype that girls are bad at math. Can you imagine a designer marketing a shirt to girls that said "Allergic to literature"? Or "I'm too pretty to read"? One of my high school friends is an aerospace engineer (so she's literally a rocket scientist), and trust me, this girl can run circles around most of the dudes in her severely male-dominated field.

What do you think? [via Jezebel]