According to Hollyscoop,, which connects older women to younger men, has approached Madonna about being the site's newest spokesperson! The offer makes sense. The 53-year-old music legend just so happens to be dating 24-year-old dancer Brahim Zaibat, and also dated a then 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Lutz. She definitely knows how to snag the young ones!

The deal put out on the table is that Madonna records a song and video by Valentine's Day for the site, which refers to her as the "Queen of Cougars." Offering her $300,000 for the position itself, CougarLife will give Madonna an extra $750,000 if the recording goes well ($200,000 if the song goes to Top 10 and $550,000 if the video gets more than a million hits on Youtube!) The offer letter also states that she would have to "agree to perform the CougarLife Song at no less than one major award show in the 2012 calendar year."

What?! I mean, $1 million is AMAZING money, and us regular folks would jump at that chance for sure! But I can't really see Madonna doing something like this. I could see if she was completely washed up and needed money, but she's MADONNA. An icon like her doesn't need to record a song for a cougar dating site. It's a silly offer, but who knows? There's no report on if Madonna plans on accepting, but maybe she will, just for the heck of it.

Could you see Madonna being a spokesperson for CougarLife?