After work on Wednesday, I rode the Tube on the way home. A lady came on my carriage and sat opposite me. No biggie, I don't really pay my fellow passengers much attention unless they're either digging the contents of their nostrils out like the disgusting mutant sat next to me on Monday, or if they're just simply mad, like the dude who always gets on at a certain stop and starts doing him gym stretches in the middle of the carriage..and then promptly removes his top! I kid you not, but anyway I digress.

So this lady sits down, and then starts rummaging through her rucksack and pulls out her makeup bag. She then proceeded to give herself a full facial makeover before my very eyes. I tried not to stare, so would glance away every few seconds, but she had me truly transfixed from start to finish - I even picked up new application tips from her!

I loved how I recognized every single product she pulled out of her bag. Out came Benefit Hoola, No 7 Skin Illuminator, a Lancome mascara.. I was in my friggin element. It was like a live beauty You Tube tutorial live on the Northern Line! 

She even made me want to try those Max Factor Smoky Eyeshadows - she was using 2 Smoky Haze. I amused myself further by trying to guess where she was going and who she was going to meet - look, I have a 30 min tube journey, I had to entertain myself somehow!

By the time she stepped off at London Bridge, she looked gorgeous - yet had still maintained a really natural look despite slapping on what seemed like an endless stream of products. I wanted to get up out of my seat and give her a standing ovation! Not only because she looked flippin' gorgeous, but also because I would just never ever have the guts to do that - not in a packed tube carriage. Oh no!

I hate the idea of everybody staring in my face. The nearest I get to 'touching up' in public are in the bathrooms at work or in a restaurant - even then I'm slightly embarrassed when somebody walks in. If I'm sat on a half empty bus, then maybe ..but I just don't have the guts to start from scratch as she did and just go for it. Foundation, concealer, mascara, liner, eye shadow, blusher - EVERYTHING!!

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Do you ever do your makeup in public? 

Guest blog submitted by  Vex in the City