While considering its 12 beautiful earth-toned colors, I drooled over Urban Decay’s 'Naked' Palette, but I forced myself to walk away from it after seeing the $48 price tag. When it comes to makeup, I try to only splurge on certain products that are versatile and would be put into good use. As time passed, I noticed the palette quickly becoming a sensation on beauty blogs and Youtube makeup gurus gushed about it. The product became so popular it was virtually sold out everywhere and was going on Ebay for $70 and up! When Urban Decay finally restocked, I decided to purchase the Naked palette on one of my retail whims and was lucky enough to snag one that came with a double-ended eyeliner, unlike the current ones that come with a brush.

The 12 colors from left to right are: 'Virgin', 'Sin', 'Sidecar', 'Buck', 'Half-baked', 'Smog', 'Darkhorse', 'Toasted', 'Hustle', 'Creep', and 'Gunmetal'. 'Half-baked' was the only color I have in another Urban Decay palette. All the colors are well-pigmented with a great selection of matte and shimmery shadows.

The verdict? Totally worth it!

If you rarely wear makeup you may want to skip this $48 purchase, but if you love creating looks with eye shadows, the Naked palette is the way to go. Since the color scheme is neutral and brown tones it compliments all skin shades and you can create virtually any eye look you desire. You could start out with a simple daytime look using neutral colors like “Naked” and “Smog” or amp up your eyes with darker colors “Creep” and “Gunmetal” for a smokey flirtatious look. Also, most smokey-eyed palettes tend to come with typical browns and one black color but the Naked palette comes with shimmery pink and purple-toned colors to warm up any eye look as well.

Would you ladies splurge on this palette? If you already have it, was it worth it? You can purchase it here.