I absolutely fell in love with Avon SuperShock Gel eyeliners, and as typically happens when I really like something, they were discontinued.  Well, it looks like they have come back in another form - The Avon Mega Impact Eyeliners.  There are four colors available: Extreme Cobalt, Black Flash, Golden Fawn and Brown Shimmer.  I went with the cobalt, since I seem to have every black and brown under the sun. Blue was a color definitely lacking in my collection.

Like the gel eyeliner pencils everyone raves about (think Urban Decay 24/7 liners, Covergirl Liquidline Blast eyeliners, and Makeup Forever's pencils) this is a gel formula in pencil form.  The product is very creamy and smooth.  The color is very bright and pigmented, and it glides along the lashline very easily. Extreme Cobalt is a deep, but bright, royal blue with a hint of shimmer to it.  The shimmer in this is almost turquoise, but the actual pencil color is not.  It just adds a little bit of depth to the color.

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Have you tried this eyeliner? How do you feel about blue eyeliner?

Guest blog submitted by Shakeup Your Makeup