We all know that feeling. For whatever reason, you were up late last night. Whether it was because you were putting the finishing touches on your academic masterpiece, or because you met some great new people and didn’t want to leave their company, your body’s unwillingness to roll out of bed and go to morning classes manifests itself in heavy eyelids and stumbling motions.

It may be tempting to go to class in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, and if that’s really your style, I say, go for it! But for many of us, we just don’t quite feel pretty in lounge wear.

I can tell you from experience that the morning after an all nighter, I feel ten times better in my classes when I actually look clean and decent. Something about that keeps me more alert, and holds me over until my warm covers welcome me back with a loving embrace during the inevitable afternoon nap.

So I present to you a guide that will keep you fresh and gorgeous, whether you got ten hours of sleep or two! 

1. Shower, wash your face, and perform other cleanliness tasks.
I cannot stress enough that your basic hygiene routine is not something you should skip. If you feel gross throughout the day, you will not want to interact with anyone, and your feelings of being trapped in one big grease bubble will only make you feel more sluggish.

If you showered the night before, or even earlier the previous day, this may not be necessary. But you should definitely wash your face; removing the dirt that’s clogging all of your pores will wake you up and make you feel fresh enough to conquer the day.

2. If possible, set out your outfit and accessories the night before.
If you aren’t pulling a literal all-nighter, try to arrange your outfit the night before, in an easy-access place – like over a chair. Chances are, your mind will be much more active and willing to make decisions in the time before you go to sleep than right after you wake up, feeling sleep-deprived. Eliminating as many decisions as possible early in the day will allow your tired mind and body to relax and tone the stress down a bit.

3.  Wear your favorite outfit and matching accessories…
After I pull an all-nighter, I always wear a cute skirt or colored tights. Knowing I look cute is a huge confidence boost, and if I receive compliments, they help to propel me through an otherwise bleak day. 
3b. Accessories can really make an outfit! If I’m wearing shorts and a tank top, I may feel a little blah, but my favorite shoes or bracelets really amp it up! 

4. …but keep it comfortable.
“Comfortable” doesn’t have to mean sweats! I have several dresses that are adorable, and they are among the comfiest things I own! Avoid wearing brand new things, as you don’t know how they’ll sit on your body. I would also recommend a cute pair of flats and nothing that will poke you, ride up, etc.

5. Avoid repeating.
Get in the habit of sleeping at least seven hours every night. If you don’t, it’ll start to show, not only in your energy levels, but in your face and skin especially. We all need to pull all-nighters from time to time, it seems, but it should by no means be a habit. You’ll only get sick, thereby losing valuable time that you thought you gained by skipping out on sleep. 

So, Lovelies, do you pull all-nighters often? When you do, how do you stay looking fresh and cute?