Who would have thought eye glasses, staple of nerds, Clark Kent, and people with sensitive eyes would end up becoming such a hot fashion accessory? If you told me in high school, not to fret, that one day my four eyed fashion would someday be cool, and choosing my glasses over my contacts would be a no brainer, I would have called you crazy. Not anymore though! These days you don’t need a prescription, or a big budget, to get in on this geek chic trend. Just a pair of eyes, and a pair of specs is all you need. So pop out those contacts and reach for those coke bottles, they are a fashion DO. Here are five reasons why.

Reason #1
Think about how much better it would be for the planet if you switched back to glasses. Think about what all those plastic scraps you throw out, every time you open a new pair of contacts, and plastic lens cases needed, in addition to all the cleaning solution and the plastic containers it comes in, are doing to the environment. With good old fashioned glasses you don’t need to worry about any of that. You are helping the planet one glass lens at a time.

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