Yes, I am aware that there is a whole 2 months until the scary holiday will come around. Today, I went to a craft store and already saw Halloween merchandise on sale. Although it's still early, I want to plan out my costume without any time management stress and without any rush.

My boyfriend and I are that cheesy couple who want to match costumes. Last year, we were Daisy and Luigi from Super Mario. His little cousins were coincidentally Mario and Peach. I only had 2 weeks to make our costumes but I ended finishing last minute. His overalls were quite the challenge. Help me decide what we should be this year! 

1. Link and Princess Zelda. We're complete Zelda nerds and it's been a dream of both of our's that we dress up at Link and Princess Zelda. I was Link a few years ago but I never had the opportunity to be Princess Zelda. It's our favorite video game series so dressing up as the characters will be exciting.  

2. Officer and Convict. Whether I am the convict or the officer, I've always thought this was a cute costume idea. 

3. Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Stewart. This one would just be for laughs. And the fact that I've always wanted to be Hannah for Halloween.

4. Characters from League of Legends. We're both pretty addicted to this game and we both have favorite characters and champions. The costumes would definitely be fun to make.

What do you guys think? What other costumes for couples do you recommend?