As a life long un-natural blonde, I always have people who ask me if they should dye/highlights their hair a similar color to my own. Although I love having blonde locks, the color isn't for everyone. Here are five things you need to consider before you decide to dye your blonde. 

1. It is expensive. You will be surprised how fast your hair really does grow in once you decide to get highlights (or dye) your hair blonde. I typically do touch-ups every three months (or whenever I get a free minute), but some girls do it even more frequently. If you don't get the at-home service like I do, highlights average in price in my area at about $150 for a full head of hair.

2. It is time consuming. Getting highlights can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours if you have long, thick hair. This is not even counting the time it will take to let the color set, wash, dry and style your locks once you're done.

3. Your hair will get damaged. There is really no way around it. After every treatment I immediately have to do a deep conditioning treatment or I won't even be able to a brush through my hair without chunks of it coming out. Even after a treatment, you will still notice that you hair is not as soft and smooth and it was before. 

4. You may regret it. Being blonde (or dying your hair any color for that matter) is not for everyone. Consider your skin tone, and if that certain shade you're looking to get will look good on you before you take the plunge.

5. The box dye doesn't always work. Once you decide you want to dye your hair, it can be tempting to purchase a box of color dye from your local drug store and just get to work. However, getting highlights, although more expensive, is better (and lasts longer) than using the 10 dollar box of dye at CVS, which leads me back to point number one.

Whatever you decide to do with your hair, I hope it looks beautiful on all of you.

Have you ever dyed your hair another color and hated it, Lovelies? 

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