Summer is almost over, and although many of us are sad because we have to go back to school, get used to wearing heavy coats again, or no longer can go the beach, here are five reasons why I cannot wait for this season to be over. 

1. Bugs. One thing I love about the winter is that there are no bugs. I would love to enjoy summer nights without having to drown myself in OFF or worry about getting itchy mosquito bites every night. Not to mention, I won't miss my weekly spider capturing in my room (why do I always seem to find them on my ceiling just as I am about to fall asleep?).

2. Sweating. Every girl has had to have experienced this before. You do your makeup, do your hair, put on a cute outfit, and the second you step outside of your house, BOOM: sweaty pits, frizzy hair, runny makeup. It usually takes me a few weeks into the summer until I completely stop trying to look presentable.

3. Acne. For some reason, I tend to get virtually no acne during the colder months (dry skin, perhaps?). But during the summer, my skin gets out of control. If I place my hand on my face for only a few minutes, sure enough, it becomes a pimple sanctuary in no time. Yuck.

4. Sand. I love the beach, but the one thing I wish I didn't have to deal with every time I go is the sand. The second any part of you gets wet, it sticks to you like glitter; you can rub it all you want, but all of it will never all go away. Not to mention, if you unexpectedly get tossed around by a wave, you may find sand in crevices you never even knew you had.

5. Periods. Nothing is worse than having your period during on a hot summer day. No further explanation necessary.

Are you sad that summer is almost over, Lovelies? What is your least favorite part about the summer season?