In exactly one week, I’m flying back to Miami to begin the fall semester. Where has summer gone?! 


I’m going to miss being able to do this all day:


And now I have so much to do! Two internships, campus newspaper duties (yes, before the semester starts), cleaning my room, trying to have a social life, and packing.


It’s brought a rather abrupt end to my wonderful summer.


I hate packing. It always makes me a little bit depressed.


First, I have to figure out what clothes I want to take with me to school.


This involves going through everything I own, basically decimating my closet, and laying out what I want to take with me in piles in the living room. My family always gets frustrated with all my stuff all over the place.


I’ll be out of their hair soon anyway. Leave me and my mess alone!


Then I realize I have a crap ton of stuff that I have to cram into my duffel bags.


And that’s WITHOUT all the other random stuff I still haven’t even thought about.


So I proceed to wrack my brains… “Hmm. Over the course of the next semester, what might come in handy? What might I want at some point during the next nine months?”


Answer? A lot more stuff. That I have to fit into my luggage, along with my ton of clothes.


And of course, it doesn’t want to fit.


After a lot of strategic thinking, and reorganizing, and pushing and shoving and pulling and praying the zippers don’t come off in my hand, I get everything in!


…But I forgot there’s a weight limit for checked bags.


…And one of my bags is too heavy.


So my dad tells me to fix it.