Today is my last day at Lovelyish, so @Jessica suggested that I do a sort of goodbye post. So, here are ten of my favorite posts that I've written during my time on the site.

I have a champagne taste in clothes and a soda budget. Check out me drooling over some haute fashion: Designer Dresses I Would Totally Buy If I Had Money.

I also loved creating outfit posts for you guys, and this was one of my absolute favorites: What to Wear to a Summer Party.

Everyone likes to feel a little famous, and after writing this post, the Kardashians PR manager sent us press release photos. So cool! The Kardashians Now Have Their Own Nail Polish.

Speaking of celebrities, check out my outfit from the night I saw How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: I Saw Daniel Radcliffe (and This is What I Wore).

My first ever GIF story, and a true one at that: My Trip Home: A GIF Story.

7 Ginger Celebrities Who Aren't Natural Redheads. Yeah, I blew your mind. 

I love writing about celebrities, especially royal ones that look this good: Prince William Looks Hot As a Cowboy.

Who knew that so many people also loved Anastasia? My 7 Favorite Non-Disney Movies.

You probably know I'm obsessed with America's Next Top Model by now, and so are a bunch of you Lovelies. If so, read My 10 Favorite America's Next Top Model Contestants

Of course, I couldn't not put the first post I did when I started working at Lovelyish. For that, and because of the subject, ABC Family Takes On Deaf Culture, and Rocks It holds a special place in my heart. 

Thanks for reading and being awesome, Lovelies!

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