Country sweetheart Taylor Swift has released the music video for her fourth single from her album Speak Now. The song, "Sparks Fly (from Amazon)," is about the magical moments of falling in love.

If your a hardcore T-Swizzle fan like me, you know that Taylor only makes two kinds of music videos: the normal videos where she acts out the song, and the ones that show her performing and just being a regular famous superstar.

The video for "Sparks Fly" is the latter, but done in a different way. This has by far the best production out of any of those videos, since the others tend to look a little more homemade in order to further connect to her fans. "Sparks Fly" seems like the kind of concert footage you would find playing in a movie theater or on HBO. Check it out:

Whoa! Did you see that ending? I know of a lot of artists who would have canceled their show if it was raining that heavily. I love that Taylor and her band performed anyway. This video is also a great look at the amazing production that is the Speak Now Tour. Taylor has said that this tour is like her imagination on stage and I love it.

Not going to lie though, I did get upset while watching this that I missed her show this year. I saw her when she opened for Keith Urban a few years ago, and I know this would be ten times more awesome.

Do you like Taylor's new video, Lovelies? Have you seen her in concert?