This story is screwed up in so many ways. A 33-year-old man allegedly was searching to hire someone to kill Justin Bieber's 17-year-old ex girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas, over YouTube. 

The man in question, Steven Cintron, reportedly sent Villegas thousands of text messages and posted 75 YouTube videos about her over the past two years. In one of the clips Cintron offered someone $5,000 to kill the young actress. Villegas claims that in another video he threatened to rape her and kill her family and current boyfriend (no longer Bieber).

Here is a quote from Cintron taken from one of his YouTube videos:

Jasmine Villegas belongs to me. I love her. I'm the only one that's going to f--k her. You're going to be my bitch, my slave, my whore. Jasmine Villegas going to cook my food, clean my room, do my dishes, wash my clothes. I will own Jasmine Villegas."

The teenager and her family were just granted a restraining order against Cintron. You may recognize Villegas from her role in Bieber's music video, "Baby" (Baby, from Amazon). 

Situations like this just prove to me how scary fame can really be. Do you think fame is worth it, Lovelies? [Via TMZ]

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