Kissing On VJ Day, Art Poster Full Size Poster Print, 24x36$6.99 from Amazon

Remember this blog post (ahem, rant), about how much I hate moving? Well, my moving troubles are over--I'm finally settled in my new place! While moving out of an apartment is a hassle and somewhat depressing, moving in is much more exciting. You get a fresh start and are free to personalize your space. My roommate and I recently hung a few posters and prints around our living room, though I'm already browsing online for even more to fill the vast amounts of wall space we have. There are tons of great websites with endless poster options--you can find a poster of anything. I'm a big fan of Amazon, which is perfect because I can get several posters for very little moolah. For example, the "Kissing on VJ Day" poster, above. I'm sure everyone is familiar with this image--it's so sweet and timeless! I'd be perfect in a girly bathroom. 

World Map (Vintage Style), Art Poster Print, 36x24$6.99 from Amazon: I love vintage-esque decor, so this world map really appeals to me. I'd hang it over a fireplace with some "shabby chic" accessories. 

Afternoon in Paris, Collections Poster Print, 36x24, $6.99 from Amazon: I know a lot of people with Paris/Eiffel Tower posters but I've never seen one with a unique angle like this. I like how the main focus of the print isn't necessarily the Eiffel Tower, but more so the trees, park, etc. Like the black and white, "Kissing On VJ Day" Times Square poster, this would look great in a girly bathroom or bedroom. 

Steinlein-Le Chat Noir, Art Poster Print, 24 by 36-Inch$12.99 from Amazon: This is another popular poster, but I still love it! The colors are classic and always easy to coordinate with furniture, accessories, etc. Plus, this specific print combines two of my favorite things: vintage and cats. 

Do you love decorating with posters and pictures? How do you decorate your living space?