Good news for all the Korean drama addicts out there! I was browsing Netflix yesterday afternoon, when I discovered that Korean dramas are now available on instant play.

As of now, the list is small, consisting of some of the most popular and recent dramas: Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, My Princess, Tamra Island, City Hunter, Goodbye Miss Ripley, Lie To Me, Midas, Bad Boy, and Road Number One

I’m sure in the coming months, Netflix will expand the list and include some of the most popular dramas like My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, Coffee Prince, and Stairway to Heaven. I could seriously watch those three over and over again, and with Netflix’s commercial free streaming, I would get on it in a heart beat. also has free streaming to 64 Korean drama classics including: You’re Beautiful, Secret Garden (a personal favorite), Shining Inheritance, Iris, The Great Queen Seon Deuk, Pasta, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Chuno, Cinderella’s Sister, and My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

But of course, you can always browse,, and to get your daily dose of Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas (movies are also included).

So Lovelies, are you as excited as I am about this?