For the past few months, the sexy Cowboys and Aliens star has been romantically linked to the likes of Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper. While the rumors have yet to be confirmed, Olivia Wilde has one definitive thing to say: there is already a man she considers her boyfriend, and it is her dog.

"Is it sad, that my dog is essentially the man in my life?" Wilde told People.

Ever since Wilde mentioned that her pet was her boyfriend, the pooch now gets more attention than she does.

"He's a great dog, but it's funny because ever since I mentioned that he was my boyfriend, he gets way more swag than I ever have," Wilde said. "I mean, truckloads arrive at the house for him. When he hears a car pull up, he just waits, like he knows it's for him!"

The actress, who filed for divorce from former husband Tao Ruspoli earlier this year, recently revealed that she is having trouble with dating. She claims that the way 21st century relationships work, they are difficult to understand. And I guess when you are feeling lonely, a dog is the best companion.

So Lovelies, do you ever consider your pet to be your significant other? I totally would, but my dog is a girl.

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