It's smart to build up a relationship with your coworkers, and doing so can often make your time at work more enjoyable. You will be spending a lot of time with the people you work with, so it makes sense that you make some friends out of it.

But your coworkers are one thing. Is it okay to be friends with your boss? 

I have always had good relationships with my boss, but I've learned that it is very important to maintain a balance. As a boss, he or she needs to maintain a position of authority and as an employee, you need to maintain a level of respect for him or her. It can be difficult to really see someone as a boss after becoming close friends.

It is also hard to take orders from someone you hang out with regularly, so you want to be sure that when you do hang out, you keep some kind of professionalism. It is okay to go out to drinks, but don't embarrass yourself. You don't want your boss to see you drunk. 

You have to remember that while your boss may be your friend, it is also his or her job to be your boss, and when it comes down to it, being a boss may win over being your friend. Be cautious of the way you talk around your boss, or any coworker really, especially if it is about anything job-related. 

I would always recommend getting to know your coworkers, especially if you work in a smaller setting where you are forced to spend a lot of time with the same people each week.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to be friends with your boss?