This model appeared in a special edition of January’s French Vogue a little while ago.
The photos seem intended to be seductive, with the way they showcased her make-upped face, full pout, long legs, and editorial poses and clothes. Oh, and did I mention the model is 10-years-old?

The model’s name is Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau and she is from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Her pictures have blown up on the internet for her mature looks. Maybe too mature?

It’s obvious that the young model is blessed in the gene pool, but I’m pretty sure French Vogue did not book this young girl just to look cute, and the photos are proof. The model looks like an adult posing with sexual intent. It kind of creeps me out in the same way Toddlers in Tiaras does.

According to Fashionista, a Tumblr dedicated to the model found readers taking the opposite view, penning comments about America being an “uptight culture”:

It’s all a matter of culture. If she’s raized that way and mostly of european ppl have, how could they see a problem in it? Just because America have a more uptight culture, it doesn’t mean the other ones are wrong and “too sexualized”

What do you think about the pictures? Do you think Americans are too judgmental, or is this flat out disturbing?