Seems like the world can never get enough of David Beckham. As he continues to be an influential soccer player to many youngsters, and the ideal man to many women, Beckham will soon be adding another title to his name.

It was recently revealed that the soccer stud will be the first non-designer celebrity to collaborate with Swedish retail-clothing company, H&M, bringing us a range of bodywear that will (hopefully) make every man look as sexy as him. 

The collection, which is exclusively for men, will be sold in 1800 stores, and will become available just before Valentine’s Day of next year. No word of what the collection will include, but we're hoping that it will be more than just undershirts and tidy whities.

Rumor also has it, Beckham will be modeling for the collection. We're hoping that he will recruit a few of his soccer friends and teammates to take part in modeling, maybe doing some sexy poses like this, or this.

So ladies, if you're looking to get your man something for the special holiday, his birthday, or just a random gift, keep a look out for the collection.