Everyone makes mistakes at one time or another, but sometimes we do things without even thinking about it that can threaten to damage our relationships. Here are six signs that you're being a bad friend. 

1. You cancel plans at the last minute, constantly. Nothing is worse then getting ready for a night out only for your plans to get cancelled at the last minute. Emergencies do happen, but if you're prone to bailing out at the last minute, your friends won't appreciate it. 

2. You gossip about their secrets. Friends are meant to help you and be there to support you. If you tell your friends' secrets to everyone else you know, how are they supposed to trust you?

3. You don't listen. A friendship goes both ways. If you're not being supportive and willing to lend an ear, why should they?

4. You are not happy for their accomplishments. Nothing is more depressing than sharing happy news with someone who doesn't want to hear it. Even if you're jealous of their accomplishments, don't show it. Being a good friend means being happy for them. 

5. You don't allow them to have other relationships. Being clingy is not only a bad thing in romantic relationships. If you don't allow your friend to have other people in their lives, they might kick you out of theirs. 

6. You pick boys over them. Your boyfriends/husbands sometimes become your best friend and tend to take precedent over the rest of your life. But if you're young, it's possible you won't be with that guy you're dating forever. It is okay to have alone time with your man, but don't forget about your friends. It is all about balance.

What do you think are the signs of a bad friend, Lovelies?