I recently went for a professional bra fitting by the lovely ladies of Wacoal. With my top off (yes…the way to get a girl’s top off quickly is by telling her you’re fitting her for a free bra!), my fitter put her measuring tape around my back, looked at me and said: “32 C”.

At this point my fitter was grabbing 32 C sized bras. While I’m seriously thinking “C? WTF? HAHAHA”in my head, she shuffled me in to the pretty 32 C sized bra, and wa-lah! The bra fit like a glove, and more amazingly I transformed from small A’s to seemingly larger C’s!

Okay, okay, let’s backtrack a bit. You’re probably thinking “Girrrrl. Yeah right.” How can a girl mistakenly think she’s an A cup when really she’s a C cup?


Let’s face it. We’ve all owned bras in different sizes and are unsure of which ones even fit properly. If you’re anything like me where in the morning you basically slip on your “favorite bra of the week”, you’ve probably never even put much thought in to your bra size. So how do you know if you’re wearing the right or wrong bra size? Today we’ll be going over the bra facts, the signs that you’re wearing the wrong sized bra and some tips for getting the right fit for you!

The Bra Facts

8 out of 10 women wear the wrong sized bra.

Most women wear their bras 1 – 1 ½ inches too big in the band and 1 cup size too small.

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