Not to be outdone by GQ's list of scumbag schools, BuzzFeed released their own list today.

10. University of Michigan

Not only do Wolverines have "an inflated sense of their own intelligence" (Buzzfeed's words, not mine), but try as they might, they also lose at sports a lot.

9. UC Berkeley

Smart hippies!

8. University of Southern California

Also known as the University of Spoiled Children. Insert Trojans joke here.

7. Penn State

Because being one of the country's foremost party schools has to count for something.

6. Notre Dame

To quote Buzzfeed here: "The douchebaggery of moral high horsery (just go with me) is afoot. ND finished 132 out of 141 in School-wide Sexual Health. Maybe you guys should stop pretending like condoms on a college campus are a bad idea."

5. Arizona State

30 Rock put it best: only a parent tell their child they're smart "even when they go to Arizona State".

4. Ohio State

Yeah, they really like their sports here. And violating the NCAA regulations. (Psst, I still haven't forgotten the Fiesta Bowl. Miami fans know what I'm talking about.)

3. Duke

They're not pretentious or anything.

2. Harvard

Was it just me, or was The Social Network all about privileged nerds scheming against each other?

1. NYU

I googled "NYU hipster" and this was the first image that came up. Enough said.

Do you Lovelies agree or disagree with this list? Any personal experiences to share?