Now I'm as much of a fan of the pensive scene as anyone else. Who didn't cry when Snape said, "Always"? And let's face it, when Harry pulled out the resurrection stone and asked Sirius if dying hurt, I was bawling like a baby. Oh, and we can't forget Ron's pot belly in the epilogue, though that evoked more laughter than it did tears.

But despite all those heart wrenching moments and the ones I didn't even mention, my favorite scene had to be when Narcissa told Draco to come to their side and Voldemort gave him that awkward, creepy hug. 


It's a meme in the making, I'm telling you now. And walking out of the theaters I couldn't help but ask around, "Did you know that Voldemort was a hugger?" Frankly, I think if he and Harry had shared a little love maybe they could have co-existed in the wizarding world quite nicely. But hey, it's too late to find out if that would have worked. Maybe next time.

What was your favorite scene from part two?