After Lady Gaga revealed info about her next music video which might involve her mermaid alter ego on Twitter, Katy Perry tweeted a photo of herself as a mermaid (and...planking?). It looks like things are getting fishy between the two pop starlets.

According to MTV, the Mother Monster had tweeted about her next music video for the fourth single from her latest album Born This Way and said that it may involve her mermaid alter ego "Yuyi" being "born" in the video.

Katy Perry then tweeted a photo of herself in full mermaid attire planking shortly after in front of a bridge prop and on a "sea" of shiny paper with surrounding starfish and seaweed decor. There has been no word on whether this was for Katy's next music video or for a photo shoot.

While Gaga hasn't commented on the photo, Gaga's creative director Laurieann Gibson tweeted to her just hours after the photo was posted, "Proud of my artist #1 in the world...her vision & passion. even though they try to steal a tail there's only 1 Mermaid, Swim On!!!"

Perhaps Gaga had first dibs on the mermaid idea since she first introduced alter ego "Yuyi" to fans via Twitter at the start of the summer and dressed as a mermaid for her performance on French TV show Le Grand Journal. There was also a rumor that there would be a mermaid theme for the video for her current single, 'The Edge of Glory.' Gaga later ditched that idea and told a Taiwanese talk show last week that "Yuyi" is "in incubation."

Whether Lady Gaga or Katy Perry channeled Ariel first, both would for sure look amazing under the sea!

What do you think Lovelies?

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