I make a ton of different body scrubs daily where I work, so I know oils and bases like a champ. Tonight, I wanted to try out something a little different: a face scrub with ground coffee. It’s super easy to make and the detoxifying properties it has are amazing. All it takes are two or three simple ingredients:

  1. Coffee
  2. Extra virgin olive oil
  3. Peppermint essential oil (optional)

Before picture (above)

If you don’t have peppermint essential oil (found at a Whole Foods or any other organic store), feel free to use a small bit of lemon juice instead. It cleanses the pores and adds a nice, awakening zing. However, I firmly believe in essential oils. I could write a book on how to use them and what they do, but I’ll leave it simply at this: besides being aromatherapeutic and medicinal, you can use them to clean and fragrance your home, linens, and yourself. Peppermint is awesome and you only need a maximum of two drops for it to do the trick. However, I did not do peppermint in this particular scrub, only because I was heading to bed and peppermint is very invigorating. It opens up your sinuses and refocuses your mind. It pairs beautifully with the coffee, and I highly suggest incorporating it for morning use. 

Be very careful when using essential oils, especially peppermint, as too much will irritate the skin! Using too much peppermint, specifically when it will be around your eyes, will make you feel like your eyeballs are being shoved into a chunk of Mount Everest.

(peppermint not shown)

I use a coffee grinder because it allows me to make the coffee super fine; even if you have pre-ground beans, it won’t hurt to put them through the ringer again. The oil will bring out the texture and your face is very sensitive, so you don’t want your exfoliant to be too rough. 

It looks black by the time it’s mixed, which I think is pretty awesome. It’s super simple. Add olive oil, a drop of peppermint, and stir well. You want to massage it into your face in circular motions and make sure you really get the oil into the skin well. If it feels too rough, you know what to do.



I realize my face looks like an Etch-A-Sketch but it felt damn good. Rinsing off the scrub was the hardest aspect of the entire process. Olive oil isn’t my favorite. It’s very thick and feels like it will never come off for the first minute after you’ve rinsed. You have to really pat down your face, but it will soak in. I only like using it because you can find it in your cabinet and it’s very nutritious for your skin. I usually prefer a lighter oil like virgin jojoba wax, cold pressed avocado oil, or crude macadamia nut oil, but this works just fine. I am not complaining about how amazing my face feels right now that the oil has settled in nicely.



Voila! The scrub has been effectively applied, rinsed, and stowed away for another day. I highly recommend this to all of you, especially since you don’t have to hunt for these items outside of your pantry (unless you’re a tea junkie). This scrub would also do wonders for your entire body, and you can go even more coarse with the coffee grounds. However, I definitely think a lighter oil for the body is best, especially since it’s summer and you don’t want to let the bottom of your tub get gross and slimy.

What do you think? Have you done/will you try a coffee facial scrub? Did you try this and it worked for you?