I was watching the show What Would You Do? (ABC News Primetime Ethical Dilemmas: What Would You Do?$19.95 from Amazon), and they got a pretty, petite blonde to act like she was stealing a bike. It was obvious she was stealing it because she was trying to get rid of the chain with a saw. And guys, GUYS, started helping her. 

Here's the video:

According to Yale Professor Jack Devito in the clip:

"Attractiveness means that somebody is good, healthy and desirable. She doesn't look threatening, but she also doesn't look like she's bad. Beautiful is good, so how can a good person do something bad?"

(Editors Note: A study done by Cornell University "When Emotionality Trumps Reason" concluded that 22 percent of unattractive people were more likely to get harsher sentences in court versus attractive people according to CBS News).

Some people also allege that Casey Anthony received subconscious sympathy from the jury and court because she was attractive.

Tell me, Lovelies: Do you think attractive people have it easier? Do you think the bike situation would have been reversed if it was an attractive male stealing the bike?

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