After years of dating losers, I have finally found a great guy that I want to be with in the long haul; but over the years, I have learned a lot about spotting signs that your relationship may not last. Here is my list of the top six signs that your boyfriend is not ‘the one’.

1. Your family and friends don’t share the love. Your friends and family may not be the person who spends the rest of their lives with this individual, but they can sometimes see what you can’t about your relationship. When you love someone, you tend to see their flaws with rose-colored glasses; your friends and family don’t. If a large majority of people close to you don’t care for your new man, there could be an issue there that you’re not seeing .

2. You are sad more than you’re happy. This has always been my number one sign that it’s time to leave a relationship. If you’re sad and fighting with your partner more days then you’re not, that is a big problem. Although arguing can be healthy, it is not something that should occur on a daily basis. Your significant other should be someone you can express your feelings with without worrying that you’re starting World War III.

3. You don’t agree on important topics. Finances, religion, children (even pets): these are all issues that you should agree on with each other (or agree to compromise), or you’re going to find serious problems with one another down the road when it comes to making long term plans.

4. No mutual interests. I am a big proprietor of having a life outside of your relationship. But if you two have no mutual activities in common, that is something that could make for trouble (and boredom) down the road. Trying out activities that your partner enjoys is a great way to bond, so if he’s totally unwilling to take interest in your hobbies, you might want to move along.

5. You don’t trust him. If you have doubts that he has not been faithful or just generally don’t feel like you could trust him in any situation, then you shouldn’t commit. Girls tend to have a gut instinct about things like this, and although it is strange, those instincts are usually right. With my past boyfriend, I would have never let him go to a club without feeling scared that he might be unfaithful, but with my current boyfriend, I don’t even think twice about it.

Tell me, Lovelies: What do you think are the signs that your boyfriend is not ‘the one’?