As someone who is only 5'1 and wears a 34DD bra, I realize that some people pay thousands of dollars to get what I was given naturally, so I am not complaining about having big boobs.

However, as someone who also studies and works in the fashion industry, I recognize that not all fashions were meant to be worn by women with larger breast. Some styles look more provocative than I would like because of my chest size which is why I was so excited to discover the wonder of a minimizing bra. 

Before this summer, I was not really a fan of minimizing bras, I thought they made you look oddly flat and have never really had an issue with my bra size so I didn't see a need to minimize it. Lately, however, I have began to feel that in some tops my chest looks unproportional to my body, since most of my features are small, and decided to give the minimizing bra another shot. 

What I found this time around was that the bra did not make it look like I had taped down my boobs or make me look unflatteringly flat-chested but just made it so that I wasn't coming out of my tops. Styles that I thought I had to say away from, like tank tops, strapless, or even one shouldered tops (I'm not saying these styles look bad on bigger boobs, I just wasn't a fan of how they looked on me) looked a lot better on and I felt a lot better in them. The bra has also come in handy when shopping for sundresses since I used to be forced to buy a bigger size to fit my chest, but then it would make me look bigger than I was everywhere else. 

While I do feel that everyone should embrace the chest size they were given, I think we all sometimes feel that the grass is greener on the other side and the minimizing bra gives me a chance to test out the other side and fit into some fashions just a little better. If you're looking for a great minimizing bra try this strapless from Lilyette: 

Lilyette Women's Tailored Strapless Minimzer, Body Beige, 34DD$32.00 from Amazon

Have you ever tried a minimizing bra? How about a bra designed to add cup sizes? Do you ever have trouble finding clothes that fit your chest well?