Good new Bieber fans, the teen superstar is already working on more music. Bad news, we won't be able to hear any of it for a long time according to MTV.

According to the article, Justin isn't setting a deadline for himself for his next album but he is working on creating new sounds.

"I've done a lot on my acoustic guitar, so it's gonna have that vibe. I'm not gonna really limit myself. I think music is music, and genre. I mean, I know there's country music, there's rock music, but my music is different. My voice is not meant for any style. I just want to make music."

The young singer also said that he doesn't want much help from others being that he wants to do a majority of the song writing by himself. 

I might be the minority here but I don't have any hate towards Justin Bieber and I think it would be amazing for him to do a collaboration with his new love, Selena Gomez. 

Tell me, Lovelies: Are you excited to hear Justin Bieber's new music? 

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