Essie Nail Polish .5 oz. Carousel Coral, from Amazon

I've never been too keen on coral, but now that it seems to be making a comeback as this summer's hottest color, it's growing on me. I already own 2 coral tees!

Sure, some coral items can be extremely tacky, but I have found some ways to pull off coral for the summer.

Essie's "Carousel Coral" (pictured above) is the perfect polish. It's not too dark and not too light. If you don't like to wander too far out of the pink/red polishes for summer, this color is just the way to go. Personally, I like it on my toes (it especially pops with a good tan), but you could go either way. 

TOMS 'Classic' Linen Slip-On (Women), $47.95 from Nordstrom

These were my first pair of Tom's and I still love them. These linen Tom's are perfect for summer and you'd be surprised with all the different colors they match with. They are EXTREMELY comfortable, stylish and versatile. You can wear them with shorts or white capris and look super cute!

ASOS PETITE Cheesecloth Bandeau Dress, $34.48 from Asos

This dress is super cute for summer! It can be casual or dressy and isn't too overwhelming. It's made of "cheesecloth," so it's really light too!

Shimmer Brick Compact - Nectar, $38.00 from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown loves coral makeup for the summer. She says, “Coral shades complement a tan so well; they give the face a fresh and healthy flush that makes you look like you’ve been in the sun.” (

Her "Shimmer Brick Compact" in Nectar adds a great, natural look to your face, without all the shimmer. 

Do you dig this coral fad? What are your favorite coral colored things?