Blondes and brunettes are easy to find, but due to a recessive gene, redheads are rare. As it turns out, real gingers are even rarer in Hollywood.

Amy Adams. This is completely shocking, right? You know what’s even more shocking? Amy was working in Hollywood as a blonde, staring in movies like The Wedding Date. It wasn’t until she dyed her hair red that people started noticing her.

Christina Hendricks. This Mad Men star is known for her fiery tresses. Too bad they’ve been fake since childhood. (and yes, that is her on the left)

Nicole Kidman. When we first met Nicole she was a redhead, which would lead you to believe that was her natural color. She’s actually a blonde.

Alyson Hannigan, who’s naturally brunette. Who saw this one coming?

Laura Prepon. The producers of That 70s Show asked her to dye it from brown to red.

Emma Stone. We recently saw Emma dye her red mane blonde, but as it turns out, she was going back to her original color.

James and Oliver Phelps. That’s right, these mischievous Weasley twins are not real gingers. But don’t worry, Rupert Grint is.

Were you surprised by any of these, Lovelies? Do you have red hair? Have you ever dyed it red?