I love ice cream
, and if I didn’t before, I sure do now, thanks to my new favorite Tumblr, Adventures in Ice Cream

Here’s some flavors I wish I could eat forever and ever (assuming I’d never gain a pound): 

1. The German Chocolate Cake ice cream. WHY HASN’T ANYBODY EVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?! And if they have, WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG TO EAT IT?! 

2. S’mores ice cream. This takes my two favorite summer desserts and meshes them together. Brilliant. 

3.  Salted caramel & shortbread. This ice cream features caramel, sea salt, and lavender shortbread. There are no words for how much I wish to consume it. 

4. PB&J ice cream. I wish I could’ve eaten this for lunch every day of elementary school. 

5. Irish Car Bomb. This one features Guinness ice cream mixed with a Bailey’s Caramel Swirl. Perfect for those nights where you just want to party and also eat ice cream. (Those happen to the rest of you, right?) 

Best part of all, this Tumblr represents the company Milkmaid Ice Cream, which will hand deliver two pints of homemade ice cream to your door a month. Will any of you, Lovelies be signing up?