There's nothing I love more than a great T-shirt. They're practical and a great way to look comfortable yet cute while studying in the library. Considering that I own more Hanes white tees than God and about 2,000 other tees from my sorority, I shouldn't be in the market for t-shirts at all, yet that's not stopping me.

Here are my 3 (current) fave tees:

I bought this tee (Chaser short sleeve shirttail hem, above)  last week and couldn't be happier. I wore it to a party with black jeans and sandals, and I've also worn it to work (we have a very casual dress code here at Lovelyish) so it's very versatile. Not to mention the fact that it's made out of the yummiest material and it's so comfortable. (Bloomingdales, $54)

"Native" apparel seems to be all the rage recently. I have nothing against this fashion statement, but sometimes things can get ugly, literally; I've seen everything from moccasin booties in bright pink to sweaters with feathers and beads. But I like this tee. It's not overpowering and doesn't look like your about to go to a Pow Wow. (Urban Outfitters, $39)

I love this tee because it can be dressed up or down. I'd wear it with white jeans and a long necklace or with jean shorts and Converse. Personally, I love the free-flowing look (my mom thinks it's "not flattering") because you're more comfortable, cool and less self conscious. (, $38)

What about you Lovelies? Are you a t-shirt lover, what are some of your favorite brands of tees?

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