From our favorite romantic comedies to the studio, to hosting American Idol, Ryan's are everywhere in show biz. Fortunately for us, they all are easy on the eyes.

Ryan Gosling. He stole our hearts and made us wish we were Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. Believe it or not, this 30-year-old stud started his career on The Mickey Mouse Club. He's gone from Mousekeeter to GQ Magazine's Men 2010 Contender of the Year.

Ryan Phillipe. He's most famous for playing Sarah Michelle Gellar's sex-driven, manipulative step-brother who falls for the "good girl" (Reese Witherspoon) in Cruel Intentions. He's currently on the market after recent split from his ex Abbie Cornish (who?). A girl can dream, can't she?

Ryan Reynolds. Marry me now please? Reynolds is personally my favorite Ryan to ever walk this planet. I have no idea what Scarlett was thinking. Named People's Sexiest Man Alive, and rightfully so, this Canadian bachelor (yes, he's single) just came out with a new movie Green Lantern. I'm not a big fan of comic books but I'll go just to see him in that tight fitting uniform.

Ryan Seacrest. This TV host worked his way from high school announcements to hosting American Idol. No Big Deal. He even has a big heart for the kids. Ryan Seacrest Foundation recently opened a broadcast media center for kids. A soft spot for children (in a completely non-pedophile way) always makes a guy that much more adorable.

Ryan Cabrera.  While I'm not a huge fan of the spiked hair, I  would love to just sit there and let this beautiful song-writer/singer serenade me for hours. With his laundry list of A-list girlfriends (including Ashlee Simpson and Elvis' granddaughter), it's hard to compete. One of my dreams is to have a male musical artist write a hit song about me. Maybe if I ever bump into this Ryan, I can make my dream come true.

Last, but not least, Ryan Dusick. Most of you might not know this stud, but he happens to be the ex drummer for Maroon 5. I'll be honest, I don't know much about him myself, besides the obvious fact that he's sexy. Musicians, especially drummers, have always been a weakness of mine. Regardless, his name is Ryan, and I thought he complimented our list nicely.

Lovelies, let the battle begin. What do you think of these Ryans?