Tracy Morgan, I love you on 30 Rock, but I don't think I will ever go see your stand up show.

Morgan is no stranger to controversy. People walked out of his show back in '09 for the "shocking and appalling" things that were coming out of his mouth -- topics included homosexuality (which he believes is a choice), drugs and pornography. None of these topics are new to the comedy sector, so why all the fuss?

Last weekend in Nashville, Tracy's open criticism of the Obama administration for its support of the gay community, as well as the consequent quip that he would stab his son to death if he were to come out, took homosexuality to a new level in the comedy world. Sadly, it's a deep hole he probably won't be able to get himself out of.

Perhaps this was all in the name of humor, but it certainly was a little too serious to be laughed at. His camp has since released an apology statement, but only time will tell whether audiences can forgive Tracy this time.

Should Tracy Morgan's "jokes" from his stand up routine affect his role on or paycheck from 30 Rock (similar to Charlie Sheen's being fired off Two and a Half Men), or are these issues incomparable?

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