After all the exciting dramz this week as multiple women have gone public about illicit Internet convos they've had with married New York congressman Anthony Weiner, an explicit photo of Weiner's junk has finally made it online as well.

The photo comes courtesy of Sirius FM DJs Opie and Anthony, who hosted conservative blogger--and the man responsible for leaking much of the Weiner correspondence--Andrew Breitbart on their show this week. Breitbart, who has all along touted that he has explicit images of Weiner's, uh, genitals, showed the DJs an alleged photo of Weiner's peen (tee hee), which Weiner purportedly sent to a female admirer. The DJs snapped a photo of Breitbart's iPhone, and there you have it.

A Gawker post has the uncensored image for those who care (NSFW, duh).