The other day my mom gave me a Louis Vuitton wallet that she bought when she was younger and she swore it was real. I’m totally new to the world of designer accessories but nonetheless I was skeptical, so I did some research. It turns out that she lied to me, and this is how I know.

Note: In all these pictures- the knock off wallet is on the left, and the real version (which I found pictures of on the internet) is on the right. 

1. The logo. On the real wallet, the logo is impressed into the leather. You can see the lines of the pattern of the leather on the logo. On the fake wallet, you can’t see the texture behind the logo because the logo is merely a sticker of its own, separated from the wallet itself instead of being one with it.

2. The button. The button inside the wallet should say “LOUIS VUITTON.”  Instead, the one inside my fake wallet says “FIOCCHI ITALY.”

3. The inside of the wallet. Inside the real wallet it looks rather classy, and before I even knew that the original didn’t have an ID slot, I thought the transparent cover for the ID slot inside my wallet looked really weird because it wasn’t completely transparent. But now that I’ve seen the inside of the real one, I know that ID cover shouldn’t even be there to begin with. 

Do any of you, Lovelies, know any tips on how to spot knock of designer brands? Would you go through this much detective work even if you did?