Cosmo recently did an article on "8 Foods That Increase Your Hot Factor," but a few of them are a little weird and random. Though we all already knew that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, who knew that it keeps the dentist away by buffing teeth?

Okay, okay, apples aren't such a weird food. Here are the 4 most random foods that (according to Cosmo and the doctors they consulted) apparently help keep you hot:

1. Kiwis. Uh...huh? Yep, kiwis have tons of vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production to fight against aging. Start now, though, because the more collagen you have, the firmer and more elastic it will be in 20 years.

2. Pumpkin seeds. Apparently all the zinc in pumpkin seeds helps fight acne. So next time you're breaking out or right before it's about to be that lovely time of the month, try to get 1-2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds in your system.

3. Watercress. I'm not really sure what this wondrous food tastes like, but Cosmo and Dr. Perricone say it has tons of antioxidants and iron. The former helps reduce inflammation and pore size, while the latter gives your skin an awesome glow. So, when you're chowing down on those pumpkin seeds, throw in some watercress for good measure.

4. Green beans. These babies are pumped with silicon, which helps make your hair stronger and thicker. Hm, who knew?

Lovelies, what foods keep you looking beautiful?