In 20 years, maybe there'll be a convention for innocent adults whose parents named them after companies, television stations and even social media sites.  GoldenPalaceDotCom Silverman and ESPN Real would most likely extend and invitation to the newest member of their club: a kid named after a famous Facebook feature.

Israeli parents Lior and Vardit Adler decided they liked Alicia Silverstone's performance in Clueless Facebook so much they'd name their new baby girl Like.

As in she was named after the "Like" button on Facebook.

Saying their baby's "unique, creative and totally new" name is a 21st century spin on Ahuva, a traditional Jewish name which means "beloved," Lior and Vardit are also mom and dad to Like's sisters, Dvash and Pie (who mom says don't mind their "special names").

Little Like isn't alone in her unusual name.  One day she'll be able to Facebook a girl named Facebook Ibrahim and the two can discuss how much they've been poked, liked, and friended, thanks to their names.

Do you like unusual names?  Would you name your child after a company or business?