The saying that I try to live by when it comes to getting another chance is, "three strikes and you're out!"

Three chances might seem like too many to some people, but I'm a pretty chill girl and I like to try and believe that the next time, that other person will do it right or will follow through. After three chances however, you've let me know that I can't count on you and that's something that I won't forget.

I do this with everyone. Friends, family, boys. There are only so many times that a friend can ditch you without letting you know. Or a boy can make plans with you and then not follow through. Everyone has their excuses, but at some point you have to stop giving them another chance. And that's where the number three comes in. After the third strike, that person is out.

By 'out', I mean that I stop trying. If it's a friend who's been ditching me, I stop trying to make plans with them. If they want to hang out, they can text me. If it's a guy who seems to want to go out but is never available, I stop trying to hang out and I stop texting him. If he wants to talk or wants to see me, he knows my number.

This is by no means a perfect system. Some people don't even deserve a second chance, while others deserve more than three. Sometimes it's hard for me to follow through, and I'll try again. It's in my nature to be understanding, and to want things to work out. But I've learned that there are a lot of people who are unreliable, unpredictable, and seemingly uncaring. I prefer to surround myself with people who reciprocate my trust and love, and who show me they care many times over.

What do you guys think?