Long story short: If you haven't seen it yet-- go right now.

I first heard about Bridesmaids before it even had a title. Through a weird twist of fate (a.k.a. my friends wanted to go see Green Day who was also on the show), I ended up at a taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last year in which Kristen Wiig was a guest. She mentioned that she was doing a movie with Maya Rudolph and I, being the SNL fan that I am, knew it was something I had to go see. And trust me, it didn't disappoint.

Bridesmaids follows Annie (Kristen Wiig) through the ups and downs (but mostly hilarious downs) of being the maid of honor at her best friend Lillian's (Maya Rudolph) wedding. The other bridesmaids include hopelessly optimistic and sheltered Becca (Ellie Kemper), down-to- earth Megan (Melissa McCarthy), depressed housewife Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), and Little Miss Perfect Helen (Rose Bryne). 

Without giving away too much of the plot, I will say that I loved this movie not only because it was funny, but because it wasn't a stereotypical chick flick. Female comedians don't often get to act in movies that don't revolve around a man, but this was one of them. Yes, Annie does have a romantic subplot with a cute Irish cop, but it's secondary to the drama that goes on between her and her best friend. Not to mention there's a pretty nasty scene where the whole wedding party gets food poisoning, which is kind of the exact opposite of what I would expect to see in any Katherine Heigl movie.

But, regardless of whether or not you think this movie is a turning point for women in comedy (and to be honest, I do)-- it's a great laugh out loud film that most ages (and both genders), can enjoy, or at least that's what I think. What about you, Lovelies? Did you see Bridesmaids yet? Did you like it?