The first application of my homemade salt scrub!

I know this sounds like it could be a delicious salad dressing (as my father just called it as he saw it on our bathroom counter), but I’ve just proven how it can also be used for obtaining softer skin. As other Lovelyish writers have shown, inexpensive face scrubs can be concocted with materials sitting in your kitchen cabinet! 

These are the two simple ingredients you need for the process!

The recipe is extremely simple, and all you really need is 1/2 a cup of olive oil, and 1 cup of either sea salt, epsom salt, or iodized salt. I chose to use the iodized salt, as I figured it would be the most readily available in the average kitchen. If you have essential oils such as grapeseed or almond oil accessible to you, add 5-15 drops of whichever you so choose!

The finished product!

After you mix it all up, wet your face with warm water before you apply. As you scrub it in, massage important areas such as your cheeks, forehead, and chin. You’ll feel all of the olive oil soaking in. As I rubbed it in, the salt was a little tingly, but it wasn’t painful. The most effective ingredient is the olive oil, and you truly do start to feel your skin getting softer as you apply it. 

Say hello to my lovely bathroom as I rinse my face off!

Make sure you rinse thoroughly, as the olive oil will feel heavy on your skin! You want to make sure that you rinse all of the excess oil and salt off of your face!

The unattractive yet necessary picture of the results!

After applying the scrub, my skin was a bit red (most likely from the salt) but it felt much more smooth due to the olive oil. I figure if olive oil has healthy benefits for your heart, it can’t be too bad for your skin! This little spa project went much better than the time my mother and I attempted to use fresh avocado to make our hair more shiny. That resulted in painful knots and a crazy mess. I can promise you that is mess-free, simple, and will leave your face feeling a bit fresher!

Would you try this scrub, Lovelies?

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